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Posted by spiritgifts on March 16, 2017 at 12:35 AM

Death gives notice
Willie was quite aware of his coming transition. Several things, especially in hindsight have convinced me. First there was his class reunion months before his death, in which he informed me he was using the opportunity to make amends with two former girlfriends. This I understood. However, it was the door that opened as a result that led to the second occurrence. One particular ex-girlfriend used this opportunity to renew her relationship with Willie! Prior to this, I hadn't snooped on my husband in over 20 years of marriage. The struggle I had with my jealousy and anger was foreign to us both! I know now that my spirit too anticipated that our life together was coming to an end' I didn't know what was wrong with me! I'd never in my life went through the measures I did to break into his phone, his email, his Facebook - anything private to him!
The third incident happened when our air conditioning went out and the repairman had the huge vent open in the floor. As I walked down the hall, I slipped in; almost to my waist. I'll never forget the look on Willie's face as looked at me and emphasized each word as he said, "I need you to take care of yourself".
The final occurrence was after his death, and it was the letter I found on his notepad on his nightstand. You can read it here.
So, would I have done anything different if I knew his death was impending? I'd like to think that I wouldn't have wasted precious time arguing. Also, I would have made his doctors test for blood clots. I would have also insisted that he share his full list of ailments with me; Willie withheld much of his medical issues from me.

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